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Date: 11th August 2016
Robotic Power Cable
Dongguan JEIYIP Electrical Co.,Ltd is one of the best China robotic power cable manufacturers and a professional supplier, our productive factory is able to produce robotic, assemblies customized, custom-made, servo motor, motion system and industrial robotic power cable, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.robotic power cableIntroduction:We offer servo motor cable with pretty advantages:1, high flexed(10 millions times shake wing rate)2, cable equip with connectors3, we could custom make high flexed cable for production robotic such as robotic arms.In recent years, automation equipment, machine tools, industrial robots, machinery and equipment has developed rapidly. The demand and quality of machines has grown to high speed and complex machinery, which require durable and reliable cable quality.We have a wide range of cables to suit your needs. However, we understand there are some cables that need to be custom made. We offer a tailored service so that you get the right cable, weather it be a super high flex cable to a high capacity cable. We can make the right one. Contact us for more details.In order to develop high quality industrial control cables, we need to meet the requirements of the user. Everyday we test our cables in many ways of durability and conductivity to ensure we have the highest standard possible. We also constantly experiment with new materials, and up rate our production machinery, to ensure we produce our cables at the heist quality. ?